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Soaring With the Eagles

Chime died, presumably of old age. She was lying right next to the big round hay bales where the mares eat. No marks, no sign of anything stressing her... just lying on her side, neck flat, upper legs suspended about a foot off the ground.

Although the weather was mild, we were overcast and supposed to have a blizzard. I wanted her body dealt with prior to that...

Nobody was available on short notice.

I thought about taking the Acura down, but the ruts L had left setting out the hay bales were deeper than the clearance level of the little car, and there is nothing to hook onto to pull with. I find myself once again missing the pickup that is still in Raleigh... I could at least have gotten it stuck trying.

J's husband was in Texas for a family reunion. She thought the field was too wet to take the tractor down. She'd get it stuck.

I called B, who does not live in the area any more, but still comes out to his dad's farm, which still has equipment, both a tractor and a bob cat, which is much smaller, lighter, and MIGHT be able to get in and get her out.

B told me his dad M was home and gave me his number. As usual, however, he wasn't answering his phone, so I drove up the hill. Or his door...

It began to snow, then get dark, and I gave it up for the day. We got four inches overnight. I fretted. All was not right in my world.

Nobody else close by has anything suitable for pulling out a 1000 pound body...

Sunday, I cleared off the porch. The drift was across the lower part of the driveway, but by Monday, it had melted. I went to the vet's with Spelunker for his shots and to see about his eye that weeps so, dropped off the tax box, and pondered.

How did a full-grown horse disappear overnight without a trace? No new ruts, no drag marks, no miscellaneous bones or body parts, hair, etc. anywhere.

We must be growing hefty, hungry eagles... I hope their young enjoy her. May the bells in their eyrie chime.
Tags: slice of life

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