pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Adventures in Eating

I have no research on the redeeming value of chicken blubber, so since I already possess an adequate supply on my own, I am taking measures to avoid it.

Step 1: Using a no-stick fry pan with an intact cooking surface, place the chicken directly in the pan. Do not spray, dip, coat, or otherwise adorn the chicken.

Step 2: Once it is cooked thoroughly, refrigerate.

Step 3: Reheat one piece at a time, in a bowl with the piece of chicken resting at an angle against the side of the bowl. This allows the chicken's NATURAL GREASE to drain into the bottom of the bowl. (I stand amazed at the amount one leg produced!)

Step 4: Blot the chicken (remove the skin) with a paper towel until no more grease is absorbable. DO NOT use a paper napkin. Even the Hy-Vee el cheap-o napkins will stick like glue to the meat or skin. (Although the wild cats will eat various tasty pieces of napkin if I don't get the trash burned thoroughly enough, allowing the pieces to decorate the yard, *I* don't appreciate having my meat top-dressed with woody by-products. See Corollary below.)

Corollary: Step 1: KFC and other commercially prepared pieces: Blot repeatedly with their coarse napkins until no more grease is absorbable.

Step 2: Discard blotting napkins where wild cats won't eat selected portions and pollute the yard with the residue.
Tags: slice of life; cooking tips

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