pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Tag Line For SummerCircles, Book I

Finally. When I tried to write the blurb, it exited my mind as a blob.

What's keeping me awake currently? Coming up with a tag line. (Ever since the blurb on the back got written and lay there, DOA, a lifeless, lackluster blob, I've been trying to create something more memorable to describe the story.

I began this story in August, 2001, four days before school started. We all well remember what THAT TIME was like! My escape was into Despina's story.

Last night, the tag finally came. (Well, at least it is still the same DECADE... just barely, but...)

Tag line: A well-intentioned, law-abiding do-gooder, twenty-six-year old Despina Mackenzie is a dedicated Iowa schoolteacher who sets out from her 80-acre horse farm for the Stone Circles Indian Reservation in the Four Corners region of Arizona, intending to do nothing more sinister than teach summer school, but unintentionally falls in love and ends up plotting with the local sheriff to fox the federal government agents dead set on taking the life of the chief's second son.

That seventy-eight word monster must surely set the record for most dashes appearing in one English sentence, LOL!

If tag lines weren't supposed to be one sentence long, I'd have chopped it up a bit. They are supposed to entice, but not give it away.
Tags: softw - sc
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