pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


Lie - lay - lay = people
lie - lay - laid = things.

So, Microsoft Word is adding a new wrinkle to the problem, to my mind, anyway.

I have a sentence in my novel that reads, "Rolling over, Paul Peter lay his hand across his eyes.

Pages accepts that usage without trouble. But one of my readers is on a PC, and needed a Word copy to be compatible. I spent most of the weekend putting in paragraph breaks Word ran together when I copied and pasted... (450+ pages...) Now, the silly thing has flagged a HUMAN BODY PART as if it were an inhuman thing.

Am I alone in considering a person's parts as HUMAN? I could see if the hand were severed and, say, running amok in a horror novel, choking victims right and left -- obviously not acting hand-like...
Tags: usage

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