pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Accessor's Office

Today when I got done at the doctor's office, I went to visit the county tax accessor's office to correct the basement measurements he did not take last year.

I told him then that the inside dimension of the basement was 11' some inches and that DC had built the basement as close to the trailer as he could, even causing the pilings to come out. He declined to move the igloo chest (full of water) and measure the outside of the basement wall. He decided an external dimension of 15' was reasonable.

I invited him to come inside. He declined.

I explained that there was no electricity or floor. He said, "Will there be?"

I said, "Eventually, but not any time soon." He and his helper started to leave. I told them about the back porch. They went to measure it.

Today, two people in the accessor's office pulled the card on my farm. Sure enough, the external dimensions of my basement were listed as 15' x 20'.

Say what? He thinks my basement walls are 4' thick???

Both DC and RH said it was 3" from the trailer in most places (it is not level, does not have 90 degree corners, and is not square with the trailer.)

The clerks changed the card.
Tags: confrontations

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