pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

How High Can You Jump?

Two Faced is a refrigerator magnet thief. She loves to grab them off the fridge and carry them around the kitchen and dining room, lay them down, and bat them into some inaccessible spot. She has thus demolished all the lowest ones.

My cousin Ralph, who runs an orchard, once gave me a lovely long cream colored shopping list pad with apple logo in red. It is magnetized, so actually does NOT get lost in the piles. It hangs about chest height on me.

Today, Two Faced gave three huge jumps and dislodged it. When I finally got in there to investigate the unusual thumping noise, she'd lost interest in it as it won't roll and only flops from one side. She must have tried out the glued end.

I replaced it a good foot higher, then headed for the bathroom.
Tags: slice of life
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