pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Language Police

Ol' Gray Mare wrote in a recent email:

Is it just me or are people pronoucing words differently now adays. They list the 1st way kuh-prish'-sus of pronoucing this word as a way we were always told was the wrong way. And I hear the majority use this 1st way. But kuh-PREE'-sus was the accepted way when I was younger and at college, etc.

Just like single. The g was silent. Now so many prounce the g. And many more words. What is going on? lol!

•••I've never heard single as SEE nl. I'd probably think they were old and their mind was going, missing the intent completely. SEEN gl

I still use kuh PREE shus. I've never heard it kuh PREE sus. I do hear kuh prish sus. I just don't use it. My ear registers it as uneducated. In junior choir, we learned to make the pure vowel sounds, then it got reinforced in Spanish.

Those not singers/second language learners probably outnumber the others.

Democracy in language policing?
Tags: language usage

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