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Truck Ad

Recently, someone asked if I wanted to sell my pick up truck. I had not thought of doing so, as it still has good miles in it. But, the body is all wrecked to the point where I considered entering it in the county fair's "Most Ugly Truck" contest. All the dings on mine are natural. Although it has never been in a wreck, every panel has some type of farm damage. It is a sight to behold.

My brother needed wheels to get his tools back to Raleigh. When it turned out to be $600+ to rent a vehicle big enough to do the job, I serviced the truck for the long haul to the tune of $483, and off he went.

The mechanic disrespected the truck, judging by its looks alone. I informed him that it was the last year Dodge made that model before switching to the Cummings diesel engine, that the 112,000 or so miles was very low for a vehicle of that vintage, and that cosmetic damage did not gut a truck. The owner of the shop, who had been through a myriad of minor repairs on a 15 year old Beemer with double the mileage on it with me, backed me up when he came in. The other patrons were enjoying a WOMAN explain vehicle care and feeding to a MAN. The Allerton Ugly Truck contest reference brought smiles all around.

"Demolition derby would be more like it," he muttered as he left with the replacement serpentine belt. It and the front tires were showing cracks. The lenses in the rear lights were also cracked. Normally not an item stocked in this service station, the ONLY PAIR they had were for the same model as mine.

My brother said he'd place an ad for me, and how much did I want for it if it sold?

Not really wanting to sell, but realizing he might not want to come back in it indefinitely, I came up with this ad:
Classic one owner '93 Dodge 250 3/4 ton pu, 302 engine, five on the floor, geared low, towing package, ----- original miles, "you decorate" model. Old maid schoolteacher's farm truck. $5,000.00.

My brother reports it drove smoothly and was getting 12-13 mpg highway driving. It was more comfortable than the Toyota they drove out in, and he did the trip in an hour less time due to fewer pit stops than with a crew of four on board.

What a hoot!
Tags: classified ad, sales and marketing, truck description

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