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Gleanings From the NANO Forums

You can have a sound mind in a healthy body.... Or you can be a Nanonovelist!

Nanowrimo--Eavesdrop on the Voices In Your Head

RE: Poke the Bear (Taunt the Demon)' by blondbomb

I'm too old to type while running with my laptop... Neat image, though.

Quote from SueJeff from Derby, England, at The Smoking Pen Bar and Grill 2009:
"Tea please, and make it strong in a dirty cup."

Is that a typical custom over there?

We once had a TV show, lo, these manny moons ago, whose theme song went "Sugar Foot, Sugar Foot, /Easy lopin', cattle ropin' Sugar Foot...

The in joke then became, "I don't care if your name is Sugar Foot, get your big toe out of my coffee!"

Ought to make you feel right at home, what?

Blondbomb ~ Participles dangled while you wait.
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