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Good News, Bad News Department

Good news - Bad news department:

Now I'm all depressed when I want to be totally hyped! I don't believe in coincidences, but, I'm tempted to start after my eye doctor appointment Oct. 24 led to today's pre-operative evaluation... IT IS TIME. Unaided, the left eye could discern only the large E at the top of the eye chart. The right eye is also now also operable, but in far better shape.

The good:
Last May, my brother agreed to build my LIBRARY over a basement next to my mobile home so I'd have 1) a storm shelter 2) room for all my books sometime this summer. But the rains came all last year and continued into this one, so all the cement workers are YEARS behind. The contractor said, "June, maybe, July more likely." He came in mid-October. Wednesday, he called my brother and gave him the "the cement will be hard enough by..." date. My brother called me at 6:30 this morning and said he'd arrive late Saturday night OR EARLY EARLY (as in 2-3 am) SUNDAY with three Central Americans to help. Once a week, I send him the weather predictions. I hope those warm climate workers have LONG JOHNS! Bet they get to see snow deeper than a quarter inch...

I have NOT told my brother I'm doing a NANO novel. I'm supposed to fix them three squares a day while they build, build, build and tear off old shingles and install new...

So, the basement is hardening, and that is SO GOOD to see after trying for three years to get it done...

But, last spring, I lost my ScriptFrenzy ability to the recovery from eye surgery for macular degeneration in my left eye. The earliest date to go after the cataract that always accompanies it (if not removed beforehand -- mine were not severe enough beforehand - is six months to a year.

This morning, I had the evaluation for the pesky left eye. Surgery is TUESDAY. Right eye, Nov. 12. So, my goal may be shortened to what is do-able under the circumstances... Last year, with the benefit of being retired, I got to 80,000+. No way, this year...

That first week is shaping up to be a real doozy.
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