pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

I Have a Hole!

After three years, I finally have the hole that will turn into a storm shelter/library on top for the trailer... I know -- it is silly to get excited over a hole.

That means the cement basement floor with a drain in it and the cement sides can be poured...

I've been saying for the last two weeks that my eyes must be worse than I thought, as the digger that was to come on Monday afternoon, or maybe Tuesday morning was invisible. Now, it is NOT invisible. It is sitting in my pasture.

It is so huge that the side fence we removed was inadequate. Dave the operator had a different truck from normal today, so the chain to wrap around the posts was not there. A stout rope did not work -- it broke. A lead rope did not work, but at least did not break... The wire that was used to form the tightener on the brace WORKED. The corner post had it twisted and stapled at the bottom, close to the ground. It creaked and quivered, but finally lifted the post out of the hole, brace still attached. He swung it over the 4' fence, then his helper had trouble getting the thing unhooked from the tooth of the digger.

The smaller line posts were also brought out on the attached brace wire, even when it was on the top of the post. Dave drew them up slowly and finessed. When that whole piece was safely out and piled, the boss showed up with a chain...

They decided to take the three posts to the east to facilitate piling the dirt. The next post, actually behind the line of the hole, got broken in two, as the body of the digger swung so far over the tracks as it swiveled around.

The actual basement will be quite a bit smaller than the hole, as it had to have room for the forms, and to remove the forms.

The poorly constructed porch steps held together better than expected. I told them the posts were NOT dug into the ground, but since they had sunken in a bit, the men thought they'd have to pull each one. With the newly arrived chain, they wrapped one tier of boards (four wide) and lifted. The entire porch came up at once and was lifted over the fence and deposited in a heap in the pasture. One layer of four boards fell off at one point.

So, now, if you walk out the front door, watch that first step -- it's a dilly.

I'm wondering how many days/weeks the hole will get to fill up with water before the cement guy shows. There is nothing but good weather forecast for tomorrow, then it is supposed to rain...
Tags: machinery at work
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