pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Dawn's Early Light

Yesterday, CH called to get the Schultz's number to come pick up their dog, who was going after her children's ducks and geese. BS had told me when he was doing my hay that while I was gone this spring, he had to fork out $150 for a shock collar and sit in my yard for over an hour, activating it every time the dog dove for my cats, before he got him trained to leave them alone.

She'd locked him in a shed. I didn't have Brett's cell number, so told her to try the in-laws, who would pass a message, which is how I"d gotten hold of him once for the same thing.

NS, the cousin, and a former student of mine, had come by then to collect the dog.

I heard no more about it until shortly before 7 this morning, when I heard a pickup truck come up the drive. I thought that was an unlikely time to have a contractor show up, but headed out hopefully. Instead, I saw a row of top lights moving around in the hay field. I walked (pain free - hallulijah!) up the less steep hill into the hay field and waited for the truck to come back. BS stopped, telling me he'd been up for three hours worrying about his missing dog.

He was very relieved to hear CH had him locked in a shed.

He apologized for waking me up! He was a good hour too late to accomplish that...

We both hope the dog didn't kill any of the poultry. He's exuberant, not malicious, but he will chase anything he can bully into running.

I now have BS's new cell phone number...
Tags: animal antics, slice of life realism
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