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PatM Tongue (WC 211) F


Obie and Jeremiah eat something messy. Obie feels some left on her lip and thoughtlessly licks it off. Jeremiah watches her unconscious tongue action and “rises to the occasion”, as the saying goes.

Obie notices the change. She freezes. Her eyes widen. She swallows uncomfortably.

    I haven’t had a reaction like that
    since before you were born. I suppose
    I should say, Thank you.
    Was it my tongue action?

Jeremiah blushes.

    Reminds me of the scene in A Loveless
    40 Days where two lesbians try to turn
    on your character by kissing in front
    of him. Your character says, Oh, no,
    not the tongues.

    I thought it was just a funny throw-
    away line. I never considered it might
    have been a real-life phobia. I’ll try
    to keep my tongue in my mouth.
    (makes a face)
    I wasn’t trying to make it hard for

Obie reacts to what she said with horror.

Jeremiah looks startled, then shifts uncomfortably.


    I seem to have trouble with my tongue
    even when I keep it inside my mouth.

Jeremiah raises his eyebrows.


    Me, too.

Obie ogles Jeremiah's oh, so kissable lips.


    Great. I'm falling for smoked tongue.
    A true gourmet treat.
Last updated 11/28/09 Capitalized Loveless; changed The character to Your character; 9/13/09 (Added Word Count); Changed looks at to ogles; She notices the change. to Obie notices the change.

Word Count: 211
Tags: patm

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