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Legal Laxative

One of my teacher friends is leaving his position to move onto an Indian Reservation (several of my friends persist in living parts of my first novel -- quite unnerving) and take up a position there.

Since the school year was already in session when the move came, I asked him what he would say to the students. He went with his gut feeling, and thus the title for this piece... prompted from his lips in continuation of a note he got from a very talented girl he tangled with last year -- demanding that she reach for her potential, not just settle for the easy way out.

He wrote: Because you are a teacher, you will understand this. One of my students that I went around and around with last year about several issues (remember she hated my guts worse than anything while in my class) came up to me today in tears and handed me this note since I'm leaving next week:

Our school system chews up and shits out good teachers, while continuing to digest bad teachers; and they wonder why we have heartburn.

I almost cried.

Yes, I understand. The kids really get to you.
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