pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Missed a Cog

My sister runs the Amway concession for the family, and recently, when I ordered, had a pretty amazing story to tell about her pay check...

And if you'd like to add an extra $300 or so like my employer did, that'd be okay, too. Computer error with the new time clock:) I punched in and out right, the clock gave me 54 hours ONE DAY. AND they paid it!! You'd think the programming wouldn't allow for more than 24 hrs. in a day:) Too bad they'll take the extra back. Boss said, "just don't spend it"... LOL

I was reading The Young Wan by Brendan O'Carroll at the time, and one of the characters in a story got docked for an hour's pay when he had actually been on time. As the owner's daughter checked out the story, she discovered that all the men clocked in at a quarter to eight on Tuesdays, because the clock was off 15 minutes, and they'd be docked if they waited until 8 to do so. The worker who complained was seen as a hero for doing so in the labor climate of the day. There really was a cog missing in the time clock, causing the 15 minute error on Tuesdays.

Technology advances, but in the end, things seem to remain pretty much the same... give or take $300.
Tags: errors

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