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Old Friend

Two excellent quotes for a word that is an old friend: fervid \FUR-vid\, adjective:

1. Heated or vehement in spirit, enthusiasm, etc.
2. Burning; glowing; intensely hot.

Over the last week, the Cubs opened their home season at Wrigley Field, and the city's Lyric Opera was presenting Richard Wagner's four-opera "Ring des Nibelungen," which meant that two of the world's most fervid fan bases were simultaneously encamped on opposite sides of the Chicago River.
    -- Bruce Weber, "Take Me Out to the Opera: In Chicago, a Fan Is a Fan", New York Times, April 16, 2009

The words of fire that from his pen
Were flung upon the fervid page,
Still move, still shake the hearts of men,
Amid a cold and coward age.
    -- William Cullen Bryant


Fervid comes from Latin fervidus "glowing, burning, vehement," from fervere "to boil, glow." The figurative sense of "impassioned" is from 1656.



Fer"vor\, n. [Written also fervour.] [OF. fervor, fervour, F. ferveur, L. fervor, fr. fervere. See Fervent.]
1. Heat; excessive warmth.

The fevor of ensuing day. -- Waller.

2. Intensity of feeling or expression; glowing ardor; passion; holy zeal; earnestness. -- Hooker.

Winged with fervor of her love. -- Shakespeare

Synonyms: Fervor, Ardor.

Usage: Fervor is a boiling heat, and ardor is a burning heat. Hence, in metaphor, we commonly use fervor and its derivatives when we conceive of thoughts or emotions under the image of ebullition, or as pouring themselves forth. Thus we speak of the fervor of passion, fervid declamation, fervid importunity, fervent supplication, fervent desires, etc. Ardent is used when we think of anything as springing from a deepseated glow of soul; as, ardent friendship, ardent zeal, ardent devotedness; burning with ardor for the fight.
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