pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Got Ya!

Mom, her sister C and husband CL go each Wednesday to eat at Waffle House. The manager and mom talk religion. She takes post-its with Bible verses to him weekly. He cooks in a visible area, and chats up customers when possible. A waitress asked mom for religious jokes to share with her tables, so she put the touch on us kids to supply them...

I first gave her one about a priest, a rabbi, and a minister sitting in a row boat on a lake, fishing. Making up excuses, two of the three get out of the boat during the course of the day, walk to shore on the water, return with something and get calmly back in. When the third man of God leaves the boat, he sinks like a rock. Says one of the remaining religiosos to the other, "Should we tell him where the stones are?"

The manager, who well knows they are all Protestants, came over to their table this morning, looked closely at mom, then Aunt C, and asked, "Are you two sisters?"

Mom beamed, "Yes, we are."

"I didn't know you were Catholic. You never wear your habits."
Tags: daily life, family stories

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