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Visitors II

GG and his daughter came for three hours Thursday. He told me Monday he'd be here from 10-12, so I got five little pork slices, four thin, one thicker and cooked them, then baked three potatoes. And waited. And WAITED. Finally, at 1:30, I could wait no longer, so I ate half a potato and a thin piece of pork.

No sooner had I finished than he called. He was visiting up at his old farm, and the people there had to go to work, but would be back at four. So, he told me he'd stay until 3:45. I was really ticked off. Most people ASK if they can stay, not announce it!

I asked if they had eaten, and he said no. I told him the meat and potatoes were still warm. His daughter would not eat, (she was not feeling well), but had taken some cold medicine. She said she'd go back out to the car in the heat and sleep for a good hour or two while her dad ate and visited. I offered her the bed in the spare bedroom, but she said that she didn't do well in ac.

GG tried three times to get me to eat with him. I told him I couldn't eat two back to back meals. Finally, I told him I was on a diet, and stopped eating when I was full, even though it didn't look as if it were doing any good. I had offered him milk, root beer, grape drink, or ice water when I served the meal. He asked for water with no ice. I gave him a glass, and when he had drunk about half of it, he asked for a different glass, this one to be half full of milk. When A got back inside, a nearly interminable hour later, he told her what he had eaten in great detail.

"Could you chew it?"

He had never said a thing about being able or unable to chew! He had cleaned up a thin piece of pork, (his choice of the thick one or two thin ones), so I'd guess he chewed it just fine.

He had to be helped up the steps, and had a huge walking stick taller than his head (not a cane) with a rubber tip on the thin end. He kept setting it down places, then forgetting where it was. He wanted to see the horses, and while he was eating, they came down for water. I pointed outside the window, and he got up in mid-bite to look, moving the drape aside. When they were leaving, he again got up and went to look out, but this time he was done, and said he'd like to get photos. I moved to the back door and called them. We went out into the herd and he shot the rest of his role, then the second part of the herd came up the hill. His daughter came around the side of the house and brought him his stick, which he'd left leaning against the fence when he began to take the photos.

A turned a kitchen chair around and GGl sat in the blue chair by the TV. Spelunker attacked A's flip flops, which had dangly bead work on the lower strap. She took them off and held them in her lap, so he attacked her leg and mock bit. She was not into playful kittens with bad company manners, so he was banished to the utility room. Soon, he yowled. I told him not until they left. Wonder of wonders, he shut up as if he understood what I'd said. It was pretty funny.

Right before he left, he gave me the bulletin with the colored shot of his wife M on the front cover. She was 91 when she died. I asked if he were older or younger than she was. I was thinking he was younger, but I couldn't remember for sure. He said he was 89. He still acted as if he had a crush on me, sneaking in a second hug, which even A thought should have been skipped, judging by the look on her face, which I am sure was as pained as mine. *I'm SO not into that! Watching mom marry/bury a man I LIKED was hard enough. (Well, that came out wrong. The marrying and relationship-building part was fun...)*
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