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Vacation Travelers I

Wednesday, I was on the phone for hours, when I was trying to clean up because a former minister from the area had announced that he was coming by on Thursday and wanted to stop in for a few hours.

A group of owners of Pandemonium Pintos that had bought them third hand was in southern Missouri, but from Waterloo (north of me) and wanted to stop by to see the herd on their way home. We talked twice for quite a while. I needed to go to Centerville for milk, bread, fresh fruit, and "company meat". I planned to go early and be back well before the MO to Waterloo group could arrive, but I didn't get gone until 12:30. I got tiny pieces of pork, five chunks, four cut thin, and one about 3/4" thick, and two packs of three small sirloins each, all on sale. I still managed to spend over $100 for groceries. Bing cherries, blackberries, red raspberries all on sale, but still very high. Two loaves of French bread, and one of Cottage bread, both high. Two gallons of skim milk from Aldie's at $1.99 each were the real bargains. I skipped the library and cat food, as I was afraid to hit more places and miss the travelers.

By the time they came and went, I was out of energy. I didn't write their names down when they said them. I hope they email. At first, it was a mother and one daughter, with another asleep in the van. I began their tour in the front yard with the stallion OMYNO. Both liked him and talked about buying him.

Another daughter walked down the drive way, looking at mares. One stood by the gate, looking at cats? One went out in the hayfield with the mother and I. We were going to honk the herd home, but they went before we got around to it. The hay, uncut, was belly deep, and as they flowed through it, we followed along behind or beside, harvesting grass seed with the car's bumper. It was quite an unexpected experience.

The mares came back up the hill to the group of people. One daughter grabbed onto Leche and Pride, the two whitest Pintos. Another picked out Serena and her full sister Adagio. I laughed and told them between them they'd picked out all the Pinto ROL Raven daughters still on the farm.

When three people do not agree, and have five horses picked out between them, it's been my experience that I will not make a sale. I should have quit after the stallion -- that one had two lookers out of two, and might have flown.

Today, I had a thin piece of sirloin with part of the potato, and THAT was tough. I was so glad I'd fixed the pork Thursday. (I selected it very scientifically. IT was in the package on top, so I cooked it first....)

I woke up at 5:08 a.m. to the sound of raindrops leaking through the ceiling in the bedroom and thudding on the carpet. The bucket was out of place. I moved it to cover the damp spot, about the size of a quarter, then went down the hall to check the one under the guest bathroom skylight. Sure enough, it was out of place, too. (There's an excuse for that one... Spelunker tackles the bucket all the time.)
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