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Still No Fence Fix

May 31, OMyNo had his cake and ate as much of it as he could hold... I know Chime fell victim to his charms; feeling no shame, he bred her as I sorted the herd into separate places. She was the last to leave, and I had to grab her mane and force the issue. None of this "I see that open gate and know I'm supposed to go through it for you" thinking for her.

Since I'd awoke to the broken fence post with six boards down on each side (read, you could drive the proverbial cement truck through the hole) and gave NO complete access to all twelve mares, even though three of them were with him while the rest went through the gap to fresh grass and busily began eating, who knows if anyone else had been in and gone out of heat before dawn's light revealed all?

So, Friday, J. gave all 12 a dose of medicine designed to bring them into heat (generally, also dumping an unwanted pregnancy at the same time.) He's brought his mother and full and half sisters in with his "band" before, and half sister Osobay was one of them this time, too. J. planned to fix the fence, as well, but it just got too late.

Dr. G. said that to be sure, the shot needed to be repeated. With the suspect three, I plan to. I've had several pregnancies in the past from his misadventures, with half sisters, of course... One of the foals was exceptional... a female replica of the last foal her dam had produced, but she'd had trouble having her, and she'd been in the birth canal too long. No sucking reflex. Even with multiple vet interventions, she didn't make it. If it weren't such close inbreeding, I'd be tempted to repeat it, as a planned pregnancy, but realistically, I need to decrease numbers, not increase.

Saturday, J. was busy, but on Sunday, he said he'd come early to do it. He showed up after I needed to be gone to my Des Moines writing meeting.

"I didn't know you had that today." (Since he'd proofread the story I was planning to work on and discussed why he didn't want to go on Friday, I find that quite hard to believe.)

"You didn't need to be here while I did it." (Well, I wasn't down there with him as he did it, but nothing else was done alone.) The post hole digger handle broke on stroke #3. I flashed back to all the hammer handles that broke, some on the first use when brand new... when he was a kid and first started working here.

The plan now is for him to pick up new handles en route and do it today. Several other posts along the creek where the flood waters tug on them are also broken off. There's also another corner post supporting a gate on the side of the hill that needs to be replaced. Of course, none of these are where equipment can readily aid the repair.
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