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Eye Exam Results

(I THOUGHT I'd posted this last Thursday, but, obviously, I did not... so now here's the core and the additions from Saturday's trip.)

Last Thursday, the tech who diligently and extensively tested each eye separately told me that Dr. Sagguo almost never has eyes tested with the machine we were then using, one standard to places where one gets glasses.

The result is that I can gain some improvement in vision from new glasses, and expect to see gradual improvement over the next three to six months, but that I probably wouldn't notice the difference, as the cataracts will worsen during that same period.  (He estimated cataract surgery within a year.)

The internal eye scan looked better; in fact, he called it very good.  I saw the beginning scan, last visit’s and this one's on the computer, and could see the improvement.  There were charts on the wall showing what a standard situation looked like, which was reassuring, as I compared them. Of course, I couldn't read the tiny text that went with them from where I was sitting...

I was released, but cautioned that if I had any sudden eye changes to get in touch at once.

Saturday at 12:20, I had an appointment with Dr. Bloom (the guy who found the problem initially) for the new glasses, so went back to Des Moines, where I got one pair in sun glasses with the corrections. I do not need them to drive, but am hopeful street signs will be clearer.

Dr. Bloom thought they might help after dark. (He obviously knew about the Christmas tree twinkle effect.)

I got the reading glasses within an hour, but the sunglasses will be sent to me, as the left eye piece failed a quality check and had to be redone. I’d rather have them right than quickly.
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