pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Buzzards Roost

On two separate days, I've seen a large and smaller buzzard atop the tallest poles in the old house yard. Roosting. J. says that's a sure sign they are nesting nearby. A twinkle lights his eye, he adds, "In the old house."

I've been in there repeatedly since the sighting, and there is NO buzzard smell. What there is -- the unmistakable smell of mold.

J. was in the barn, sort of, doing the wormings/shootings, close enough to smell a buzzard nest (they regurgitate their DEAD, very DEAD, pray for their young to consume...) but maybe the old shed?

A few years back, the buzzards were among the birds missing. With the demise of the stronger pesticides, they slowly returned to the area, and road kill/clean up wise, I'm glad to see them. But front yard is a bit too close to home.

There goes the neighborhood!

Does that mean I was gone too long or am DEAD MEAT???
Tags: animal antics

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