pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Return of Immediacy

I just didn't make it into the bathroom quickly enough by the time I got the computer off my lap... It's been years since I had that problem.

Well, without expecting it. Over six ripe bing cherries the first day give me instant flow-through problems. I guess maybe eating fresh dates need to be lumped in the same category. I bought some the last time I was in Fareway, and have been eating one or two a day. This morning, I decided to follow the serving guide (5-6 dates) on the back of the package, and ate them for "breakfast".

They were so good, I used them as a mid-afternoon snack, shortly before Matt showed up. I used the br once while he was still working on the disposal, then decided I couldn't sit any longer, as if he finished, he wouldn't work on the flusher.

He's been gone about two hours, and I had to make a mad dash. I reached the mid-point of the bed.... What a mess.

Sunday, wash jeans day. Monday, I loaded the pair I'd missed into the washer. I decided two pair made up an emergency load. I only have five pair. At the rate of two a day... Yeah, right.

Here it's not even summer, and I'm already back to two-shower a day days... It gives a whole new meaning to a "full" day...

Pause for thought: Maybe I'm maligning the dates unfairly. After all, I did eat fresh asparegus last night.
Tags: toilet training

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