pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Spelunker and the Smoke Alarm

Yesterday, I washed my jeans, all of them at once. This is what is known as BAD PLANNING. I put on a nightgown, then, of COURSE, had to go outside. I transfered them to the drier, setting the knob for 70 minutes.

When I came back in, Spelunker, who was in the utility room, began to yowl. He is not a talkative cat, and even when he does make noises, they were not the kind of yowling he was using. I decided my five month old was exhibiting yet another display of behavior equal to things human children do during their terrible twos.

Soon, the smoke detector went off. I flew into the utility room, shut down the drier, pulled the lint tray and emptied it, then opened the back door and let the cold outside air into the house until the smoke detector quit.

The cat was NOT OKAY with that smoke alarm noise, and more accurately identified the problem before it went off, had I just been able to speak CAT well enough to understand his message.
Tags: animal antics
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