pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Harnessing The Cat

I went out to Orscheln's for a harness and leash to teach Spelunker to lead, as he is only five months old and weighs nearly 8 pounds. Carrying him tucked under one arm, I could not resist looking over the plants set out before going in. I found a pile of grape tomatoes, but could not set him down to sort through them properly, so I just grabbed the end one and took it inside to put on the counter for when I got the cat harness fitted.

"They can be tricky to get them on." Spelunker put up no fuss at all as I separated his front paws so they'd each go into a separate hole. After we'd decided the one we'd tried on fit, he wore it out of the store.

Going in, he was afraid of the magic doors. Then we hit a father with two young children who wanted to pet him. He was still not quite over the trauma of the electric door, but did accept petting. However, he snubbed the children, which is not his usual ploy with people.

"Does he BITE?" asked the oldest, tipping up his chin, covered with an impressive row of black stitches and appropriately colorful disinfectant as he awkwardly reached up to touch his face.

"Sometimes, but not people. He only bites furniture, books and papers, and buttons. He loves buttons. He tries to chew them off." The younger boy was less awkward, just reaching up naturally and stroking his chest and side. Dad watched carefully, but allowed the interaction. Mom came up. The oldest told her impressively accurately what Spelunker would bite instead of humans. It was cool. Good retention. Since the name of the cat did not make it into the recitation, I decided that it was outside the range of their vocabularies, so had not stuck.

Inside, the sales lady found a DOG HARNESS that would fit, say, a CHIHUAHUA, in a choice of designer colors.

"What color would you prefer?"

I had no intention of picking my cat's clothing by COLOR. "Whichever one fits him properly." When she got the size right, it did have an array of shades available, including two shades of blue and a pale pink. I got him the darker blue one, and a matching leash. He doesn't seem to notice such niceties any more than the "average" human male would.
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