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Trip to Town

Today, as I showered, I noticed that with my left eye, I could read the LARGE H and C labels on the shower handle, and spot the manufacturer's 1/4" raised letters that are the same color. NO BLURRING. WIth no glasses on, with my right eye, they were exceedingly fuzzy. Driving, however, the distance was still blurred, and the judging of speed, etc. still not what I would like it to be. I again went early, on a low traffic day, and came home prior to the end of school. I skipped the library again. If I'd have stopped there, I would have been home after the kids were loose.

Again this Wednesday, I went to town for ham. None of them looked like premiere hams... I picked a ham that was 10¢ more a pound than the one they gave me last week. He'll call when it is ready... I have an unopened jar of pickle relish (dill) on the shelf, so I restrained myself...

Spelunker came to town with me, and was a bit restless on the way over. He fell asleep while I was eating Chinese, and enjoying broken chats with the exceedingly bright helper, now a college student heading into pharmacy, as his duties allowed. I was overly dry, and downed three glasses of ice water in an hour, without a trip to the john... Neat, neat kid. Naturally curly hair that sprouted in medium length ringlets all over his head. Cute as could be. At the end of the meal, I brought Spelunker to the door for him to see.

Then I went out to Orscheln's for a harness and leash to teach Spelunker to lead, as he is only five months old and weighs nearly 8 pounds. He sporadically tries to chew it off... We'll see if it lasts. He's dashing up and down the hall, dragging the leash. He has yet to show any understanding of the fact that it is attached to HIM. He's not the brightest cat in the world, but at least he's getting his exercise without tearing stuff up or knocking over piles. He got on top of the TV after I voice cued him for "no" successfully from the FRONT. He climbed onto the computer's end table, then got in front of the TV and started to reach up... I nabbed him by the scruff and sent him to the utility room to meditate. At least he is looking DOWN (breaking eye contact) and refraining from whatever I give the NO command for. It has taken forever to get him to respect it. He's only five months old. It reminds me of my first Irish Setter, who could not accept the responsibility of obedience consistently until she was nearly a full year old. She wanted to, but she just couldn't keep her act together. She was so loyal. loving, enthusiastic and joyful, I couldn't really discipline her, either.

My grape tomato plant has developed a white blight that seems to leach the chlorophyll right out of the leaves. I nearly bought three, they looked so good, but pretty is as pretty does.

I got a less handsome plant at Orscheln's, and a coconut fiber hanging basket in black lacy frame with a black chain and hook, new planting soil, and changed locations to the trellis (well, the hook it is wired to. I soaked the natural fiber thoroughly, then hung it so it would climb up the trellis. The rose I tried to get to climb it from the house side last year (unsuccessfully) seems to have though it over over the course of the winter and decided it might like to climb it this year. I may be getting thorns in my thumbs as I harvest the tomatoes... This is what could be known as bad planning, or unforeseen consequences of past actions... Time will tell.

Giving up the hunt, I bought new nail clippers in Wal Mart. If that doesn't make Spelunker leave the old ones where I'll surely step on them in the dark, nothing will.

I bought some chicken to bring home, and boy, did that ever get old Spelunker's nose twitching!
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