pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Last Wednesday's Funny Sign

On a bright Tweetie bird yellow JEEP in the Hy Vee parking lot, in letters across the windshield right below the roof, beginning at the driver's side and continuing to the passenger's side, upside down: IF YOU CAN READ THIS, FLIP ME OVER.

Seeing a yellow jeep in the first place was a shock. My sister's new VW is that color, but that is "normal" for the idiosyncratic draw of that vehicle over the years of it's importation, in my mind, any way. Her license plate reads TWEEDLE BEATLE.

She keeps a Dr. Seus picture book in the pouch behind the driver's seat so everyone can read about the car's name... I suggested Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee from Alice in Wonderland, and tried to convince her husband to put DUMB DEE on his license plates.

"Nobody'd get the joke unless they saw both cars together."
Tags: signs

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