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I have not made address book changes since my eye surgery, but at least one person's email was going astray. The change had been made at some point PRIOR to my eye surgery on March 23, but, since then, I'd just been hitting reply to whatever anyone I've been answering sent... I'm better, but do have to confess I have NOT been reading the email addresses (and a whole host of other things) post surgery.

I'm burned out on movies after all the TV with my sister, so have been on line busy with music. My ears still work (sort of), and living alone, nobody complains about the volume issue, either with the TV or the i-tunes.

It is SOOO good to be home and count the herd daily. I have used the binoculars I bought only once. The rest of the time, all were not in sight due to folds in the pasture rather than distance. They are NOT EATING on the hay bales.... There is grass, sort of. If it turns off to be a dry year, I'll regret not locking them in a smaller area, but some have breathing problems if forced onto the dry feed totally. Now that the herd is smaller, I THINK I can survive allowing them year around access to grass. Rochester was in a drought time while I was up there, but around here, the weather was showing frequent rain storms. The grass growth (and number of hay bales set, but not decimated) when I got home supports that conclusion.

TODAY IS MOM'S BIRTHDAY, and she waited SO LATE to let me know the rest of the Belafonte songs she already has that her birthday CD did not even get burned until AFTER the post office closed in Centerville, thereby saving me gas for yet a third 50 mile round trip, which would have made my third since Wednesday. Generally, baring appointments, I go twice a month.

Now, I have ONE item on my shopping list: black fine point permanent marker.

Spelunker Thunder Paws has one paw on the keys, which is sure wrecking havoc on my typing... I couldn't figure out what was wrong at first. It is NICE to have him in my lap, however, and he allows me to move his paw(a) as needed without getting off. He's still in "sleep" mode. My back is still in "move around if you REALLY want relief" mode. If that doesn't change soon, I'll have to see Dr. Wells for a treatment. Sigh. I'll do a few more hot water in the shower treatments, first, though. After all, it took 30 full days to get into this condition. Expecting instant permanent relief might just be a bit optimistic, I fear.
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