pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Worldly vs Otherworldly

I'm well-known, at least in family circles, as being time impaired. Nobody, but NOBODY, would leave planning for a complex event in my hands, no matter how sincerely I volunteered to undertake it...

A case in point: L's reaction vs mine to last week's Hy Vee flyer.

I read an add aimed at "graduates" and immediately compose a humorous riff based on the question, "Who graduates between 4/22-29/09 in Smalltown, Iowa?" (Not even colleges let out that soon. Maybe attendees at a large plant's in-house training program, but there ARE no large plants still operational in the area... But, I digress.)

Shall we instigate fancy hors d'oeuvres platters in mid-February for the blushing brides?

L's deflatingly logical explanation? "They need to place their ORDERS now for late May-early June events," so, extrapolating, graduates/brides need to get on the stick to assure proper planning of preparation resources. (ie: hire seasonal help, order supplies and commodities in enough bulk...) So mundane, I find no humor in it. Sigh. And I was on such a roll...
Tags: humor
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