pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

First Local Drive

I took a six mile drive down the generally trafficless road I live on. There is surgery underway on both sides of the right lane on each side of the approach to the bridge. I talked to the boss man and two flag people, suggesting where they could dispose of the debris.

The out of area construction company is not in charge of that -- the locals are. I repeated my offer to the boss to get that info, and then told him that last time, when they were disposing of the bridge, they used my spot. Time will tell. I'll probably never rent the old house again, so having a wide enough drive to allow for a parked car without blocking the farm/house drive is not a big deal, but if it is going to fall in my lap, MIGHT AS WELL take advantage of it. Who knows what will exist down there in the future?

At the post office, I took the time to update the postmaster, as that is the gossip channel in the area as a general rule. The postmistresses talked to women in the area, and the postmaster there now talks to men, but I imagine the end result is still pretty much the same. Men DO gossip, at least in central Iowa. They just don't exchange baby care tips and recipes, substituting crop rotation and weed killer's effectiveness, etc. instead along with the human interest news both indulge in.
Tags: debris, driving

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