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West Des Moines Wolfe Eye Clinic Visit

Last night about 8:45, I lost my driver for today's doctor visit. The sidewalks roll up at 9, so I was unsuccessful getting a replacement and started in at 6:30 this morning to find one. By 9, I had a green light, two neighbors who were willing to take advantage of free gas to go shopping in Des Moines... We left several hours earlier than we needed to, and got lost, but still were fine. I was almost an hour early, so they processed me, but the actual visit from the doctor was backed up, as they generally are later in the day. I had a good book along, and could read enough to get through the extra time successfully.

I was again very impressed with Dr. Saggau. He was rapid fire in his dictation and complimentary of Dr. Iezzi's job. (Well, when I got the official reports, I had both surgeon's names misspelled... ) He read my list of questions and fired off prompt, substantive answers. He examined both eyes, dictating specifics, very thorough and knowledgeable.

When should I consider getting new glasses?
Next appointment, May 21, will check for which is better, and consider them then if it will help.

When is the soonest for cataract surgery? Six months, at the earliest.

Which cataract first? The worst one.

Extra strong dark glass in the left sun glasses? Not necessary.

When will the eye undilate? 14 days from the last med... which was the strongest drug in its class.

Contact him immediately if pain in the eye, loss of vision from what it is now, any oddity in vision.

The "palm tree" artifact is going to be there. Post surgery, it is never perfect. It is getting smaller and fading, and might continue to do so. Right now, it sits mid eye, and interferes with seeing the letters on the eye chart.

The exam this time started out with a large B. I could read it (far smaller than all the hands and fingers I missed on the two earlier exams...) The next two letter combo, I could also read. I would see a letter on the extreme right and extreme left, but could not always see the ones in the middle, which had the palm tree on top of them, causing blacked out places. I was tested at 20/40, back where I was in Feb., not the 20/60 of March. The young man who tested my eyes took the left one down two sizes after I was not getting things right. He gave me positive feedback, which has never happened before.

The photo of the interior of the eye from two views was repeated, and displayed on the screen in the exam room. I drew the before and after images on the back of a paper. They were very impressive. The fault reminded me of nothing more than a valley in the Rockies. In the post photos, the former chasm was a mild saddleback, sticking to the mountain analogy.
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