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Bubble Meds Last Day

The gas bubble seems to have fragmented. I sometimes think it is completely gone, then I'll see part of it again. It is weird. I read several large sized print books the last few days. Now I am trying a paperback with bigger type than normal, but I can't read it very long without getting a headache. I see funny out of focus images below and to one side of each line. It is amazing that one can read at all in that manner.

It seems as if I was in the eye doctor's office a long time last trip. I have an afternoon appointment Monday in West Des Moines -- I can't find the place I wrote it down. (It is probably in plain sight.) It is hard to find a driver sound enough for the trip, but I have to take a driver.

Yesterday I tried to make deviled eggs (don't need a recipe for that one...) but L was out of pickle relish. Back to the same gas station, which is really a Quick Trip, for a jar of it -- nearly two dollars. I went before school got out, but after the lunch break so there was minimal traffic. I ran into three police cars and an ambulance en route. I was going very slowly, but still missed the turn off and had to go down another mile to turn around in a church parking lot to get back to the gas station. That made it a right hand turn, not a left, so all was fine. I could see enough land marks to navigate. Today is the last day for the eye drops.

I went grocery shopping with L on Easter, and we planned to go to the library, but it was closed.

I'm so glad Spelunker is out of that cage and at J's. He's hyper when locked up for a while. Lucy ought to be calmer after one of their episodes, I'd think... They play really hard together.

Southern Minnesota's spring looks like Southern Iowa's November. We've had decent temps the last two days, so I did not need my heavy winter coat. I brought really warm clothes, medium clothes, and light clothes, and have used some of each so far.
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