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Wednesday's Follow-up Visit

My sister ended up taking a full week off. By the time we got done with my 7:30 appointment, it was past the late check-in time. Since we were in the same building, she went up (down, I forget... we were all over the place) to talk to her boss. I just kept my head down and followed her feet. I'm now an expert on the tile floor/carpet pattern changes in the Mayo Clinic. Off beat world view for sure. I felt like a toddler walking around with his/her bankey (fat pillow, in my case, and the head support.) I'd park and crush the pillow lengthwise to my chest, balancing the headrest on top, then burying my face in it. They're so used to seeing weird things that nobody even batted an eye.

The eye exam was pathetic. The eye patch and shield came off. The doctor said I was doing very well staying face down, as shown by the way lines of crystals were. The cataract was already worse and will need surgery. He explained that some surgeons do that first, and sounded as if it might happen before I was released to drive home.

Tomorrow at 7:45 is the follow-up visit. Lou's going along again, and we're going to see if I can come home by bus and walk the last half mile... I don't know how that will work. She's out of vacation time.
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