pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Macular Hole Surgery

Several local anesthetics were to be used, and to avoid the flinch mechanism, I was to be put under lightly while the doctor administered the shots.

There was general chatter from different parts of the room, all sounding very focused.

Doctor: Put her out now while I administer the locals.

Patient: Oh, does that mean I'm going to miss all the fun? (I had been trying to track two or three conversations at once.)

I was not at all alarmed, even though I SAW the needle move around, saw it go in. Talk about weird sensations...
I could see an upside down image of the doctor as he moved around to stand behind my head. I saw this in my eyeball- not with it, IN it.

During the operation, all grew very quiet.

Doctor: Forceps.

A huge black silhouette of a pincher with long bills entered my eye from the opposite side from the needle still visible. The ends blurred, then steadied, blurred again. The background was very white.

The chatter started again, overlapping conversations.

Doctor: I need to feed her now. (i.e. feed the gas into my eye.)

Patient: I hope I don't exceed my capacity.

Doctor: That's funny.
Tags: surgery

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