pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Things Found

What a difference a week can make. Last week, I believed I'd lost my debit card at Hy Vee. This week, I went to replace it with the new one that came in today's mail, just prior to my Rochester trip, and discovered what happened to the old card. I have the same plastic holders which are big enough to contain two cards that come in everyone's wallets. The place where I always put my debit card showed what I'd thought was the back of the other credit card. When I went to insert the new card, I noticed that there were two already in the holder, making a third a tight squeeze. Sure enough, it was the bank card, inserted face in. I hate to tell you how many times I checked that spot that day!

I'd like to say I'm older and wiser now, but I bet not!
Tags: life's absurdities
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