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I thought I had Sausage, (aka Spelunker Thunder Paws) all taken care of, but the local family he was to live with discovered this afternoon that their own four month old kitten did NOT have frostbite on his tail, but ring worm. He got his first treatment for it today, and although they are still willing to take Spelunker, there is a risk he'd get infected like the oldest daughter did. I'd rather not expose him to that if I can find another option.

The Lunk got his second set of shots this morning, as well as being wormed. He was a good boy, even when Thor, a lovely black great dane who was dragging his handler, a good sized fellow, through the waiting room, decided to investigate this cute little bundle I had in my arms. The room was packed, but of course, my kid was the one singled out for special attention... LOL!

I've been trying to contact my friend from Indianola that came to the last write-in with me, but evidently, he's still off on spring break. Originally, he was to keep Spelunker for the two or so weeks following the surgery (the end time is undetermined and will be based on my recovery, but the time/date was not known then.) At the time he agreed, we did not know it would run into his trip to Arizona, which he'd purchased the ticket for several months in advance.

Duration: The first week is to be spent 95% face down, the second 75% face down, then they check to see how things are...) Surgery will probably be Tuesday (Mayo Clinic will not be definite enough to say "scheduled" until they've performed their own tests to determine whether or not it is needed. Like I'm going to sit idly by and go nearly blind when it is still soon enough to repair??? Not!)

The alternative if JW stays incommunicado is to meet with whoever is feeding whatever animals are staying at the vet clinic and put Spelunker in a cage for the duration. This will not kill him, but he will be so much happier to be with people.
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