pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Losing It

Okay, I know I'm upset, but I didn't realize to quite what an extent I was losing it.

I went to Centerville Saturday to get four 20# sacks of cat food, since at this point, I'm not sure how much timespan I have to cover. I know what to expect from the first two weeks, but after that, it's anyone's guess. I don't know if a six hour car trip is in the cards that quickly, or what... Still working on the travel with the kitten, so he went along. I crated him while I ate Chinese, while I shopped in Wal Mart and Hy Vee. The rest of the time, he rode on my lap. He purred all the way home, and I gradually relaxed. He's a companion animal and really did a good job on that trip. He did not utter one sound of anguish the whole time. He likes looking out the window at things passing by.

At Walmart, I bumped into a former student who was always very sweet. He's now in college (not a "student" in high school. So good to know he grew up...) As I had to make the trip to Rochester, I got an extra $20.00. He was taking his break right then, and used to love physical things and keeping in shape, so I asked him if loading four cat food sacks would be a pleasant way to start off his break. We talked non-stop to the car, catching up.

I'd lost the car keys. We retraced my steps, but no joy. I pulled the spare out of the purse, he opened the trunk with the button on the door, and loaded them for me, promising to keep his eyes out for the keys. He was enchanted with the cat, who came readily to his fingers on the cage door.

I drove a few blocks to Hy Vee and bought bread and pizzas, going through the express lane, using my bank card again so I could get extra cash for the trip. I stored the $20 and went two more blocks to fill the gas tank... no bank card. Back to Hy Vee. No joy. Back to the car, looked in and under the bread and pizza... nothing. Went through the entire billfold I'd had inside. Nothing. Back inside, then a drive to the bank. I bumped into someone with a credit card for the same bank, so after I'd put my note in the night deposit box, I noted their card's customer service number. Back to Hy Vee, and I tried to call it in and cancel it, but the first thing they wanted was the card number... Back to the car for the check book. Back inside to dial the bank using that 800 number. No, I did not want the balance, to change my address, order checks, get another name put on/removed from my card... Yes, I did want to talk to a PERSONAL REP.

The courtesy counter rep was ever so helpful. She told me that a lot of those cards could be used as a straight credit card, which WOULD give them access to my money without needing my pin. Great! Just what I needed to worry about.

Another menu, and guess what? I STILL did not want to change my address, order checks, cancel my account... I wanted a human being and some pertinent advice. Finally I got to tell someone that I needed to cancel and replace the card, as I"d lost it at Hy Vee. We verified the last few charges I'd made and got it stopped before any unscheduled activity made it to the account history, and she assured me I would not be liable for anything afterward, that no access would be granted to my funds.

I decided the pizzas would melt before I got home if I left them in the sun, so I leaned down to pop open the trunk. The car keys fell out of somewhere... I was wearing tight jeans, had checked the pockets, and had on a loose fitting, not tucked in shirt... so WHERE??? I have no idea, but I was thrilled to see them, let me tell you.

I needed sun glasses, but I was too upset to mess with that right then. The local businesses will still ACCEPT paper checks... which I had in my purse. Surgery isn't until next Monday, so I'm sure I'll be somewhere I can get a polarized pair before then, hopefully with the new bank card.
Tags: cat, trip to town

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