pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Diagnosis Confirmed

The Wolf Eye Clinic confirmed that I do have a macular hole in my left eye. I had 20/40 vision when referred, and three weeks later, it was down to 20/60. I do not HAVE to undergo the surgery, BUT, the vision will keep declining, and after a certain point, not much can be done to restore it.

So, since the surgery is considered pretty straightforward, and the after care is what determines how much vision I'll eventually end up with, I plan to become an EXPERT at staying face down. I am going up to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for the surgery because my sister and her husband have volunteered their house for the site of the aftercare. Otherwise, I'd be alone for it.

95% of the first week and 75% of the second week are to be spent face down, as the healing takes place using gravity. My sister will go to the Monday appointment and Tuesday surgery with me. It is out-patient.

I am really dreading next Monday.
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