pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Can't Get Pix to Show

In my post "The Transformation of Sausage", I tried to add two photos of him, unsuccessfully.

I tried to follow this pattern (I can't get the code to show...) in the following manner, for two photos that are in my gallery called CATS. What am I doing wrong? (I'm on a mac, so posted as .jpeg, but since they show in the gallery, I doubt that is the trouble.)
These are the two URL's for the photos in the gallery, but they don't work inside this post, either. However, if you copy and paste them in the browser directly, they do take you to the right photos...

To me, if I put the http back together, the photos ought to show up, but I just get the blue ? instead.

Spelunker is watching the cursor move across the screen as if it were his dinner. I hope he doesn't launch himself at the laptop screen, LOL!
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