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The Transformation of Sausage

Sausage and his sibling Bacon came to me via ChurchPunkMom, a NANO'er with five children, billed as a "she". As one of those kitten sexers who has to wait until they are big enough to feel lumps on the belly before I'm sure, I totally understand how that type of mistake can happen. If I have a mixed sex litter from one of my tortoise shell females that has a torty in it, I can tell by comparison, but by the next litter, I'm back to square one. A unisex litter that has no kittens with color markers that indicate sex are done by guess and by golly. With the wild cats of the front porch, that means hitting puberty and noting if they are on top yowling, or on bottom screeching...

But I digress. Sausage's belly had lumps. I knew it before I brought him/her home. But the disposition was so delightful, I just didn't care. The vet assured me that neutering him at puberty would prevent spraying, so he's on board for his second set of shots in three weeks and declaw/fix at six months.

He charmed the vet.

WheresMeKilt & Sausage WheresMeKilt & Sausage
Sausage switched homes at the West Des Moines Write-in. He charmed members writing there that day.

I was undecided if I would keep his name. When he got home (expressing his extreme distress the entire 80 miles), he set out to explore the living room, full of low bookcases, a couch and chaise lounge with cloth flaps that drug the floor, a pile of empty boxes stacked haphazardly in one corner just ripe for investigation... he suddenly became Spelunker, the intrepid cave explorer. When he disappeared at nap time, he curled up on a bar stool shoved under the kitchen table that only very skinny people can use. It served as his lair for several days.

The next morning, he decamped from the foot of my bed and thrumped down the short hall, across the kitchen/dining room tile to the carpeted living room, full tilt, then reversed. Thus his second name, Thunder Paws.

Thus Spelunker Thunder Paws was christened.

Sausage & Blondbomb Sausage & Blondbomb
Emerging from his long sleep in the sleeve of BlondBomb's coat, he wandered over to spend quality time with several other writers.

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