pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Saturday Upset Verdict

I went up to Indianola and picked up Jess, who'd volunteered to go with me, as my eyes would be dialated coming home. How true!

I was expecting straightforward cataract talk.

What I got was "see these specialists at the WOLF EYE CLINIC.

"That's in Marshalltown, isn't it?"

He registered surprise. "And West Des Moines."

I told him about photographing Lona Wolf's famous QH's.

The suspected, but to be confirmed culprit? Right eye: cataract damage virtually unchanged from the July 25th exam. He did not feel I needed different glasses. As I suspected, changing glasses won't really help...

Left eye? Macular degereration just beginning. Time exists, but it does need to be addressed. He'll consult with them Monday (the next time the clinic is open...) We go forward from there with opthmalogists on board... (surgeons)...

My vitrious fluid is just beginning to pull away from the wall...

Left untreated = blindness.

No way I'll let that puppy go! Some question as to wether I have eye coverage, or not. We acted as if I DO.

Happy Valentine's Day to You, too!

(I did get to eat Mexican with a nice young man with a kind heart, if that counts.)

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