pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Laptop Trouble

Friday, in the middle of a song, iTunes quit on my laptop. The other programs, the prompt assured me, were fine, but I now suspect that was not the case.

I reopened iTunes, and tried to delete a song. The delete button was grayed out. I had another tune playing, so I clicked the song I didn't want to hear again, but even while it was playing, Delete remained gray.

I rebooted. No joy.

I clicked software update and installed the newest Security and Java updates, hit reboot, but the OS endlessly circled.

I left, drove to Des Moines, returned six hours later, turned on the computer, but no joy. Endless circling.

I have Timecapsule, but really don't want to take the hours to reinstall everything if it is not necessary. Macbook Pro, 15" OS x, latest version installed.

Any advice?

Crossposted to Macworld.
Tags: computer woes

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