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More Upset Trouble

Today, I got burpy after eating Thompson seedless green grapes. I sent off the two new prescriptions from the doctor... I can hardly wait until they get here.

When a med quits working, it really does a thorough job of it, it seems.

I hate loosing the grapes, as I use them to substitute for chocolate, and they are quite successful. They have a bright flavor in the mouth when burst that I enjoy. When I threw away some scrap paper, I opened the plastic trash sack I'd deposited the stems in, and the delicious scent of grape wafted out. I used to react like that to CHOCOLATE fumes. It reminds me of the household hints information about putting the citrus fruit rinds on the heater to get a good scent going in a house.

I have an appointment for Saturday with the DM eye doctor to see if anything can be done about the vision trouble I'm having. Usually, I can go a year in between, but I've been fighting this since November. The doctor said it sounded as if maybe the cataract possibility was at fault. I went from "pre" to a rating of 3 on a scale of ten last June when I had my yearly eye exam. He also said that the yearly change in my prescription for lens could be due to the effect of the cataracts.

I'm not looking forward to this doctor visit... even though the medical doctor said if I needed surgery that only one call to the insurance company would cover both eyes, even if not done on the same day.

My mother, who has had both of her eyes done, said it is not a difficult procedure.
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