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I am soliciting -- ideas.

Premise: In 7500 words or less, track a relationship through giddy, romantic courtship to marital bliss to marriage doldrums to divorce. (Yeah, right... I'm single and always have been. Good, realistic idea... oh, and I want to do it with deft humor and tongue-in-cheek satire).

So, I have one page of just that, which read well enough in a rough draft to get a laugh out of my sister, who was really too busy to mess with it at the time, but still felt its pull.

She gave me assurance of passing things on as she thought of them.

I primed the pump with one of my all time favorite MOM stories. I grew up seeing her run to the door, kiss dad (generally quite sedately, maybe even chastely, as they were NOT exhibitionists), take his lunch bag and hat and put them away.

One night, dad had to go out, and went to the hall closet -- no hat.

It turned up when Mom opened the refrigerator door... His lunch bag was in the closet.

Classic. (No, she's not blond.)

Another story I acquired had husband coming in from work and emptying his pockets onto the dresser top, so nothing got into the washing machine and gummed up the works. (Yes, he could and did repair them).

One night, his wife of many years entered and noted a rare $20 bill laying off to the side of the customary handful of change.

Surprised, the wife inquired, "What's that for?" pointing toward the large bill.

"Last night." (Yet, I knew this couple as staid, stolid people, not inclined to whimsey, nor sexual innuendo... both of which are welcome in the story, as long as not in bad taste.)

So, tell me your tales. Everything will be fictionalized, not attributed, in the story and to the writing group. Credit gladly given here in the journal...

Topics: The Kitchen Raider
      Life Lessons
      Battle of the Sexes...
      (to be extended as inspiration hits)
Tags: help, nano, topics for short story

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