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Portrait of a Musician at Work

Portrait of a Musician at Work
by Sandra Hugus

Sensuous fingers, curved and cadenced, taptapita on the keys;
Thrumming pedal dance performed solely below the knees;
Eyes focused fixedly on the page;
Torso straight, but rolling fluidly like a wave,
In sync with the nebulous melodic creatures
Created by blending the notes’ distinctive features;
Expression sterile; normally mobile mouth a silent slit,
Until the earth-bound float heavenward to soar,
Unimpeded, with the splash and crash they were destined for,
Amorphous, resonant on the tympanums, they lurk--
Footprints of the ultimate audio artist at his work.

-- for Peter Merlin
House of Merlin
who occasionally calls himself
Merlin the Musician
December 3, 1989
Tags: poem

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