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Jay Leno's Headlines

After you park in the back
The stores on the right
Please park in the back.

Pix of officer: Deceptive Todd Bailey of Yankton PD, at Walmart's Super Center

Dec 5.
4:45 p.m. = 5201 33rd. St. E.
Burglary to a Vehicle and Grand Theft Auto, Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's vehicle by unknown means. Once there, the unknown suspect(s) attempted to start the vehicle. After failure to start the vehicle with an unknown object, the suspect(s) left the scene by unknown means in an unknown direction. Added Jay, "That's all we know."

Calm Forté sleep aid - All Natural/ Non-Habit Forming/ Contains Chamomile /Non-Drowsy Formula.

Rally against apathy draws small crowd
Oklahoma City

Scientists warn male infertility can be passed on

window solutions
changing the window at a time!
Lowest prices in 5 years... Act now!
Put equity back in your home today!

Porta potties reduced to steaming piles

Machines Eliminate Workers
Ottawa -- Human Resources Minister Lloyd Axworthy is going to replace his department’s employees with machines that will give the unemployed advice on how to find work.

The One Gallon Hip Flask

Talking Toilet Paper: Susan, will you marry me? Flush once for ‘yes’.

The band will use the proceeds to defray the cost of their bland trip to perform at Marty Graw, in New Orleans. Jay adds, “ Marty Graw? Isn’t he a country-western singer? Didn’t we have him on once?”
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