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Anticipation! 5:17 a.m., I pop awake and can't drop off again...

I pull off my nighty and sheets and throw in a load. Fresh out of the dryer, I hang it on the hook in the bathroom. I load the majority of the stuff that could not sit overnight without possible damage and get all sweaty, so into the shower. Out, and into the nice, fresh nighty, socks, jeans, shoes, and I turn around to see one last load for the car. The new blouse and bra are on the bed.

The phone rings... Lou. 7:00 nearly... Randy is staying home all day, working on stuff he wants to get ready, but drops Lou off at work.

I decide to take another box of CD's and DVD's, which takes just minutes to select and arrange. My back and knee are starting to complain...

I take a muscle relaxer and lie flat for 30 minutes... but I drop off. I awaken at 9:10... Panic!

In my mind, the car was all loaded. I grab my coat and check the living room one last time... out the door and I'm off. When the car warms up and I unzip the coat, I AM STILL IN MY NIGHTGOWN.

You know, they are quite comfy to travel in. Nobody says a THING.

Finances: I filled the tank in Corydon before I left town after getting my passport photo taken at the courthouse. Gas there was $1.48 a gallon.

I briefly thought about trying to get up to Indianola for the cheapest gas in Iowa, but I wasn't sure which way I'd go... As it turned out, when I went through town, they were at $1.49.

At the rest area 11 miles from Rochester, I get out and take in a turtle neck sweater. The attendant, the only vehicle in the rest area, is ever so attentive, but quite confused by the partial map I have...

I gassed up in Rochester at the corner Kwik Trip for $1.59... The entire trip up cost less than $20.00 in gas.

I find the house anyway.

Ran hugs me and helps me carry in stuff...
Tags: travel adventure
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