pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Yeah, Weather!

So, instead of north for Christmas, it's north for New Year's. The relatives I'm visiting don't celebrate Christmas in the commercial sense, anyway, so one day off work for them is as good as another when it comes to retouching base with long-lost sisters... :-)

Hope the forecast is right on!

I just went down to the mailbox in shirtsleeves, no jacket. It is very windy, but otherwise a delightful day out! I am thinking about washing my hair and going in for my passport photo. I finally got the application all filled out. I put the birth certificate, SS card, and teaching certificate all in one spot with it. I have to have $125 in cash, and I'm good to go.

The next time I get a wild hair to take a cruise for writers to Alaska, with port of calls in Canada, or the Caribbean, I'll be all set, for ten years, anyway.
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