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The Queen's Ride (no formatting attempted)

Meeting the Queen

Dinner with the Queen after catching and riding the runaway TB that would have careened into visitors, includes Jeremiah after she regals him with the Minnesota weather report and is with him behind the theater after the performance. He gets sick, eating more in the first three courses of the seven course meal than he normally consumes in an entire week.

They date and eventually marry.

INT. BUCKINGHAM PALACE - (research where such a meeting might take place)

Jeremiah, Obie, a slew of courtiers and the Queen are present when OBIE promises to write up her story The Queen's Ride.

My wife rides like a centaur.

No, Jer. Your language is quite imprecise. Centaurs don't RIDE. They ARE. Four legs and body like a horse, head and torso like a man/woman. Well, I suppose the males ride... (blushes)

The queen quickly dispels any ~~~

(rich laugh)
Oh, what an image you've planted in my mind!

This exchange leads to a drawing of Jeremiah attached to Leche's body and Obie attached to Cortaje's. The well-written story of the steeplechase the Queen decides to ride in, mounted on Obie's mare Pandemonium Forget Me Not, is full of humor and suspense. The booklet gets liberally illustrated, and is passed around the palace. Soon a video project evolves, with the courtiers agreeing to play themselves to a man/woman. Obie has previously contributed humorous but insightful character sketches of her dinner and riding partners, nameless. She hands them over to the Queen for labeling. Soon it is a mark of one's standing at court to have Obie lampoon one. During the shooting of the video, various people add liberally and freely on camera to their personas, with subtle encouragement from Obie.

The rushes of the Queen's Ride are consistently positive. Using a long shot, Obie introduces four low jumps taken by the Queen into the actual footage of steeplechase competitors. By using side shots of the others, leaping impossibly imposing walls and fences, Obie creates a believable image of the Queen being an active participant. Even competitors are not certain that the Queen did NOT ride the real course.
Tags: propinquity and the mesmeriser

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