pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Virtual Des Moines -- 11/29/2008 -- no-NANO Write-In Blues

No Go --
Ice and Snow!
More for tomorrow,
Wouldn't you know!

Stuck in my drive, missing you,
Feelin' nothing but blue, blue, blue
Virtual writing's all I can do

Tears in my eyes, all boo-hoo-whoo!

I've got those no-NANO-Write-In Blues

Don't want nobody in my shoes
Sufferin' from the Write-alone blues

Can't even write in twos!

Sure enough, I've got those

-no-NANO-Write-In Blues

Word count’s won;
Book's not done;
No word play fun;
Lost my place in the sun;

Sure enough, I've got those

-no-NANO-Write-In Blues

(posted on the NANO boards as Blondbomb: Doggerel Specialist)
Tags: nano, poem

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